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TikTok Marketing is The Next Big Thing in 2020

TikTok Marketing is The Next Big Thing in 2020

Divanshi Gupta, Director, The Marcom Avenue, talks about the future of TikTok Marketing in 2020. She also elaborates on how to enhance brand reach with TikTok.

Is there a future to TikTok Marketing in 2020?

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Google Apps offered a perfect entertainment platform that allowed its users to express and engage themselves, until TikTok came along and emerged out to be one of the most downloaded apps of 2019, not just in India, but all around the world. Brand Insights suggests that TikTok is quite famous amongst the Millennial and Gen Z population, and the brands are eager to chase this target audience as they are not available for specific targeting at any other platform. Also, Gen Z will form a major portion of the world population by 2030, making TikTok an apt platform for brands to share promotional content to meet their marketing agenda. The steep rise in its user base has allowed TikTok to open itself to the marketing world for branded content and in-app ads and promotions. Is there a future to TikTok Marketing in 2020? Yes! The statistics are curiously bent in favour of the success of the platform.

Enhances Brand Reach with TikTok

TikTok is part of the latest social media wave and offers over 29% organic engagement rate to all its patrons without any promotions or sponsorship. There are very minimal ad promotions run, as of now, on TikTok; meanwhile, other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., are reaching their saturation point with almost all kinds of brands running a paid ad on these platforms. Thus, TikTok will provide an enhanced reach to a brand in comparison to other social media platforms.

TikTok’s Services to Engage and Create Leads from Gen Z population

According to the brand’s insights, TikTok being ‘THE’ platform to grab Gen Z’s attention is true, as the platform has over 45% of its TikTok’s users between the age group of 16 to 24, which makes it clearly a lucrative opportunity for brands to reach Gen Z. The brands can easily and specifically target the population depending on the product or the service and generate authentic leads.  

Will Traditional advertising face a blow with the rise in TikTok’s In-App Marketing & Promotions?

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Traditional advertising is not a cup of tea for small budgeted brands. The brands that are incapable of utilising traditional methods of promotion turn to digital media marketing which offers targeted reach at a much lower cost. For e.g., if one has to run a 10-sec ad on a Television channel, one has to spend lakhs and also has to adhere to broadcasting guidelines, whereas while promoting on a digital media, the ads run can be as low as Rs. 80/day. So, if we say that Traditional advertising may face a blow with TikTok’s In-app promotions and marketing, yes, it will, the impact may be very low, but for traditional media, it can be noteworthy.

TikTok Marketing: The Future, Yes or No?

Factors like post’s organic reach, the shift in decision-making authority (from eldest to youngest in the family), the present no. of users (over 500 million), in-app ads & promotions and way of expression has the capability and capacity to make the state of TikTok Marketing in the world of advertising. Yes, the future is definitely bright, as Gen Z population is highly active on the app which will give a push to TikTok’s revenue through in-app ads and promotions.

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