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DNA for ‘all’ times with Focus Formula!

DNA for ‘all’ times with Focus Formula!

WWW has escalated the interaction levels and changed the overall quotient to a never-before high, and this since its time of arrival, has consistently advanced over the period.

It has many brighter sides attached to it to uplift the quality and pace of life; however, the flip side is, all of this is coming at the cost of our attention. The Attention that has been fashionably fragmented and it’s always a task to focus and follow one area of interest or activity wholeheartedly for a sustained time since everything around is changing at the speed never witnessed before. Amidst all this, we are always up for the chase to keep a tap on one thing after another, something more, something new or unknown without realizing the very purpose behind it. This is also always instant, quite like a dialogue of the movie 3 Idiots- ‘Life is a race.’ But eventually, too good too soon is also not that good after all. We can actually pace up or think wisely but can’t do both of the things efficiently since the default mode of our brain isn’t wired that way biologically (you can sure google it to know more; see that’s the advantage with this rapid life, at any point we have information always at our fingertips).

Interestingly in current times, every piece of information or article could also act as a hidden opportunity to ring the bell with any one of you or maybe none, but you!

And if you move further to read this article from here on, I am pretty hopeful you would take something that you can implement in your life which is capable to pay you a fair dividend. I really am Hopeful!

To dive to the point, this ‘change machine’, i.e. the internet, the technology or so to say the social media, is turning all of us outwardly directed, thus even after reaching to some point we feel the void of emptiness, and there is new study every day on mental health that seconds that.

To me, the very reason for this is your own choices which aren’t often inwardly directed but are sheer influenced by your surroundings and show. You are constantly doing transactions rather than living purposely or so to say actually living like ‘you’ – the unmasked you.

If the above-mentioned scenario is not your case, then Bravo – I salute you! You are that rare breed who still exists, who thinks deeply and acts reasonably. Clearly, you and your vibes truly lift-up your surroundings the right way, you can sign off and invest this time productively elsewhere.

But for the majority, and especially the aspiring students, I have this simple message- in tune with Darwin’s theory – Change is Inevitable; species that will change with time are the only ones who would survive. Take a pause to realize this. However, a few crucial things will remain the same no matter what, till we are human. I am sure you doubt me here a bit but aren’t you really eager to know what those Magical THINGS are that can make you even more ‘you’? Some things on which you can rely like an everlasting old-time’s love?

Any guesses? What magic is this, a simple thing that claims to give you such a strong foundation for all time?

Okay, without any further ado, here is the thing, something that in my own term, I call it ‘DNA’! When I say DNA to marketing and management aspirants irrespective of time, I precisely mean to empirically connect with D-DESIRE, N-NEED, and A-ASPIRATION. The focus on these effective traits has always worked and assisted to develop significant understanding in any of your chosen courses of life. Significantly enough our dependence on technology is growing but ultimately this all paraphernalia is there to serve us (human) in different ways under the lens of DNA.

Therefore observe more, acquire more and contemplate even more in this constant information flow around you. This is the luxury of our time and ultimately if you can use this luxury to develop the robust core of your audiences’ understanding in aspect to their immediate needs- how can you solve it, what do they desire for, and what inspires them; then give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Just trust that you totally deserve this because be it an organization you work with or the customer or audience you would serve or even the teams/employees (considering the growing entrepreneurship scenario) who works for you; they are all human first not mere transactions. Hence if you constantly keep working on your understanding of this DNA lens, then the world is totally your playground. Yes, this DNA magic is like water and has the capacity to be implemented in any situation. As I reiterate, we all are human and we deal with a human behind the mask of B2B, B2C in any industry or field. But it’s always about H2H (Human to Human) experience and so if you reflect right, you can play it from well to well-done in your life, no matter what’s your chosen field is, you can stay on the course and keep singing the victory song!

Yes, there would always be a need to be served, keep an eye for it.

Yes, we will always desire beyond our needs till we reach a meditative state, however, that’s one big impossible in this constant information bombarding world.

Yes, being human we can’t let go of the trait of being inspired or so to say taking inspiration. Remember at the beginning of the article I spoke about this rare breed who thinks otherwise or to mention the ones who are inwardly directed and always up for a true chase and purpose.

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So, how to gauge this DNA in the world where information is available with a simple click? But yes, at the same time, we need to contain it under a strong self-stand character and that’s you!

And here is this self-stand formula or let’s call it Focus Formula- ‘F= R2P2′. It starts with R, that’s Relationship- first, we should value and develop real relationships with ourselves around our true values and purpose. Similarly, with our work and key stakeholders, it’s the foundational step and once this is done we should back this up with another R of the Focus formula. It’s a well-heard word called Resistance! The ability to not accept failure at any cost, to look straight into the eye of challenge, and find out a solution. Yes, it is well heard but let’s make it well implemented as well. This word strongly asks us to build strong resolve and stay on the course against all odds. As Darwin has put forward, Change is inevitable; here Darpan says, Pain is Inevitable. Stay committed to the course and pay the cost of commitment with sacrifice. But don’t expect the rewards soon. And right at this point comes the P of the formula, Patience. Patience will help you to navigate forward no matter how hard the time gets. But when you think it’s getting even tougher for you to bear, I know one P will not suffice. Hence there is another Pthat comes as a friend for your rescue, as your reminder. This is Persistence. You might say, it more or less means the same as resistance mentioned before. Yes, you are right and I appreciate that you are paying attention to each word, which is why I introduced this P as a reminder to yourself to believe and act more. However, while your brain is busy thinking on this line, let your heart follow the game with razor-sharp Focus. This makes the equation of focus simple and these are the foundation that is required for these changing times.

Rest, you have all the information available on your fingertips and there are many great courses that you can pursue to chase your valued dream. Pick the one up & grab the DNA of your target to stay on life’s course with the Focus Formula. To ring the bell of times, yes this Covid is no different, however, do follow the government and health department guidelines!

Wish you all Happy DNA and Happy Health always!

About the Author:

Darpan Sharma – 3 times suspended from the college, well that was the max limit in his college anyway – almost rusticated but also later awarded as distinguished alumni – now acting entrepreneur & CEO of an independent Marcom co. in India – DigiStreet Media Private Limited.

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