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Influencer Marketing Case Study : SPN – Sports and Buzzoka’s #DadaGiri to salute Saurav Ganguly

Influencer Marketing Case Study : SPN – Sports and Buzzoka’s #DadaGiri to salute Saurav Ganguly


16 years ago, on July 13, 2002 India witnessed one of the greatest moment, a victory over England by defeating them in the Natwest series under the captaincy of Sourav Ganguly. And in the famous moment, The captain took off his shirt and swirled it widely the famous stadium in the world, The Lord’s.  SPN – Sports’ #MeriDadagiri Campaign was about reminding people about that day and recreating that iconic scene.


SPN – sports was streaming Natwest Trophy 2018 and the objective of #MeriDadagiri Campaign was to bring people back in the same spirit and remind them of how team India has given an unforgettable moment to all Indians.


Buzzoka was hired to design a campaign in sync with the brand message and amplify the over all thought. The campaign was kick started with a Twitter Trend where SPN – Sports announced a contest, and asked people to recreate the Sourav Ganguly’s moment from the match where he took off his shirt. The winner of the contest was given a signed merchandise by Sourav Ganguly which got it trending within four hours.

Later, 20 Influencers on Instagram participated in the campaign including Niharika Jain, Devesh Baheti, Shishta and Jesika Jain and Jayashree. These influencers came out with their video recreating Sourav Ganguly’s moment with love and compassion.


20 Instagram influencers and dozens of tweets brought back the energy and passion and the activity became a trending topic with over 10,000 conversations organically chipping in. Even brands like SunRisers Hyderabad got involved and over 5000 tweets were posted on twitter using #MeriDadagiri. This created a wave of excitement and turned an ordinary day into an e exciting one. Tweeps started sharing their video stories and recreated the scene with uttermost happiness.

The total reach of the campaign was recorded at 10 Million with over 140 Million impressions.

The campaign was to remind people that Saurav Ganguly is making his comeback and we should not forget the best moment he gave us 16 years ago.

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Ashutosh Harbola, CEO, Buzzoka said#MeriDadagiri Campaign was a perfect tribute to Saurav Ganguly, the man who held India’s head high in Lords during the Natwest Trophy. Since the campaign focussed on reigniting the Lord’s wave, we had to carefully select influencers who could resonate the same passion and energy. Also, the activity had to be taken mass media, reach was also an important factor. The 20 selected influencers were so effective that the activity managed to hit the trend charts and 150 more videos were created by masses organically. In all, the activity was a massive hit, and nothing can beat the satisfaction of a campaign like #MeriDadagiri.”

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