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Pivot to Digital: 90 Days and Beyond Report

Pivot to Digital: 90 Days and Beyond Report

Pulp Strategy, a full-service interactive, digital communications and technology agency, headquartered in New Delhi, today released the Pivot to Digital: 90 Days and Beyond Report. The purpose of the report is to provide insights based on Indian consumer behaviour shifts into the options marketeers can exercise in the 90 days post lockdown to ensure that they have digital readiness to tackle the new normal. 

 Based on research online, extracts of consumer data and conversations with marketeers across mid segment and large enterprise, the Pivot to Digital: 90 Days and Beyond Report provides valuable insights for brands and marketers to be purposeful in the social distancing world we live in today. It extensively captures the wide-ranging changes in the Indian consumer behaviour and the buyer journey due to COVID-19 pandemic. Going a step further, it suggests how marketers can facilitate consumers’ journey to the purchase stage with various digital marketing techniques and how newer technologies can be used to build customer experience online. 

 Ambika Sharma the founder and managing director of Pulp Strategy said “each brand is in its unique position of readiness with technology and digital the report includes best practices and possibilities which enable a better way forward in the coming times. It is important that the information be consumed in context of the Industry, existing readiness of the organisation, the product and the delivery channels. What the report clearly outlines is behaviour changes and how they impact consideration and purchase behaviours of pre covid-19 days” 

The Report has many takeaways for marketers that should not be missed. It enables them to find out how they can adapt their marketing messages with the changed consumer behaviour. Discover the role of content marketing in consumers’ purchase consideration. Counter the decreased influence of traditional retail with virtual alternates.  Explore the role of new-age technologies like AI, ML and AR/VR in delivering compelling product experiences online. And, finally, understand the importance of ad-tech and AI in the customer engagement cycle. 

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In a nutshell, the Report helps marketers kickstart their organization’s business revival journey on a firm footing with an in-depth understanding of evolving consumer behaviour and digital marketing techniques.  

To download the full report, visit <>.

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