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In conversation with Varun Mahna, PokerDangal

In conversation with Varun Mahna, PokerDangal

Varun Mahna is the CEO & Founder at PokerDangal, an online gaming platform that intends to redefine the gaming experience of Poker in India.

Agency Reporter – How is Online gaming creating new career options for millennials?

Online gaming has many facets to it, real money being a big part of it. The trend of real money is picking up in India and people are figuring out the merits of real money gaming as it gives a benefit for the skill and time spent by users on a platform apart from social engagement. The trend of users playing games professionally is on a rise and people quitting their high paying jobs to pursue the same. Also, in addition to the consumers, there are lots of opportunities for people in the operator side as well for employment. From technology to business developments, gaming can be a very lucrative career option.

AR – E sports and skill games for real money, two segments that mostly make for a larger part of the revenue for the industry.  Furthering the same, how well do you think about Online Gaming contributes to the Digital Economy?

Online gaming is pushing the boundaries for Digital economy as the entire business is based on the penetration and expansion of digital ecosystem. Users are contributing to the growth of the digital ecosystems by participating in the ecosystem and hence giving opportunities for the companies to give more offerings to the users.

AR – How can millennials play the online games while keeping the gaming space safe for them? Can you discuss some of the play-safe-pointers for players?

Responsible gaming is a very important aspect of online gaming and one has to take this very seriously to safeguard against the perils of online gaming. Users and operators have to contribute to the mental wellbeing of the consumers while ensuring the sector keeps on growing.

AR – Poker in the past had been in a grey area when it came to being classified as a sport, especially in the Indian scenario. Do you think the perspectives of Indian Society has changed towards online gaming in recent times?

The image of the sector and the way it is perceived has changed in the recent past and people are now accepting poker as a game of skill. Endorsement of the game by celebrities has contributed to the game becoming mainstream and being looked upon as a mainstream sector. As the users get educated about the nuances of the game, I am certain the game will be becoming very popular in our country.

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AR – Socializing in times of social distancing is evolving with every passing day.  How can online gaming add to strengthen the sense of community?

Social belonging is one of the top reasons why people move to online gaming as it gives them a sense of community and companionship. In times of social distancing it becomes a very powerful way to gather people and acts as a bonding element for our society.

AR – What are your future plans in the online poker industry?

The Indian poker industry is a booming sector and we want to participate in the overall development of the sector. Our aim is to try and expand the ecosystem by participating in various activities to take the game to the masses. We have already bought a team – Kolkata Kings, in Poker Sports League and are planning to have a live presence in a physical space soon.

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