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In conversation with Priyanka Rana, Peppy Production

In conversation with Priyanka Rana, Peppy Production

Priyanka Rana is the founder at Peppy Production, a video production house in Delhi NCR: scripting, producing and executing innovative branded video content.

Agency Reporter – How does Peppy Production add value to digital transformation journeys for businesses? 

Covid-19 has had a serious impact on how multiple industries work. We feel that such an unprecedented situation has ushered many industries into digitization, including the brand communication. As communication is expanding to digital world, the content strategy has to evolve too. From TVCs and promotable, content is moving towards being more engaging in shorter amount of time.

We at Peppy Production understand this shift in content consumption. With our experience across brands, we enable our clients to find the best approach and medium towards sending an impactful message.

Our mission is to prepare the brands for future of digital content. This includes, understanding the evolving field of AR and VR.  We see a post-covid future, when customers would want to feel and experience the product without leaving the home.

Agency Reporter -What are the main stages of video production for corporate films? 

Our approach to any Video Production, be it corporate video, TV advertising film or documentary video or animation film is founded in a deep understanding of communication – visually, emotionally and intellectually. We approach each video with the same rigour and interest. What does the viewer need to see in a video, what can we tell them and how can we do this using video production services?

We begin any video production with that simple thought and then work to tease out the story and develop its structure for the best video production result. We then work to express this visually. How do we film it? What techniques should we use?

With most agencies lacking the niche required for being video first, we at peppy are video first advertising agency. Our key skill set includes building the video strategy from concept to video promotion.

Using our state of the art equipment and knowledge acquired through working with market leaders across a variety of advertising projects, we work closely with our partners to produce the best video content.

Agency Reporter – How do you apprehend the growing environment of animation and the way it is gaining popularity in the Indian audiences of all ages?  

Animation has always been a powerful visual storytelling medium, but since covid-19 hit, animation has become one of the hottest trends in content marketing.

With restrictions on outside shoot, most brands are finding substitutes. Home shot videos did gain popularity but since the quality is not good, it’s limited to usage by influencers only.

With improvement in the animation software, quality of 2d & 3d animations have also became much superior to previous times.

Social media has evolved as the fastest growing communication medium, which works best for animation content. The quick turn-around and high engagements are driving brands towards animation content.

Agency Reporter – What were some of your most successful campaigns that you have done and the results retrieved from it?

Our biggest achievement would be the reliability that we have built with our business partners. Working for big brands like Microsoft & Mahindra Comviva on multiple projects have given us lot more confidence in our craft.

Instead of gaining short term gains by doing multiple small productions, we have always focused on delivering best for the brands we partner with. Our work delivers the future business for us.

Our focus has always been on continuously building our skillset and delivering the creative promise to our partner brand.

Agency Reporter – How has coronavirus affected video production? How are you managing to continue to create content, given the limited resources in these times?

Restriction on shoots have had a serious impact on producer’s capability to create on-ground content.

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In such unprecedented times, brands are really excited to try animation as a storytelling medium. Usually animation is a vastly underestimated visual tool for advertising or storytelling. Under the current restraints, we’re seeing more brands opening up to animation. It’s a unique format that allows you to tell complex stories, from any location with any lead in the most interesting, simple and engaging way.

Also there are multiple options with each brand in animation itself. You can choose between 2D, 3D, mixed-media or stop motion. We are already working with many leading brands on building exciting content in animation.

Agency Reporter – With so much noise in the market, where do you see the video technology industry by 2025?

We see digital platform companies being the major disruptors in the future TV and video market. By contrast, broadcasters and content producers face the greatest pressure for change.

Future will lean more towards 3D renderings, 3D Visualizations, AI and VR based content.

Industries like hospitality, tourism, healthcare, IT and education would soon want to explore this as content medium.

We want to focus on creating a virtual experience of any custom 3D virtual environment.  This is the new way for brands to engage and excite audiences by giving feeling of reality in their home.

Agency Reporter – The unfortunate irony for video producers is that their ability to produce videos is being constricted at a time when their potential viewership will likely increase as the pandemic forces more people to hole up at home. So, what’s your advice to businesses out there in terms of video production and How to stay creative with your video marketing in turbulent times?

In such unprecedented times, safety is of utmost importance. I would advice to all other production houses to follow all required safety regulations and stay safe. The opportunity of empty roads and locations has been tempting to many creative artists. Would advice all to maintain control & resilience.

Being creative is being simple. This new challenge can bring many unique ways to communicating with your audience. Stay Safe, Stay Strong.

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