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In conversation with Archit Narayan, CEO of Pacific Gaming

In conversation with Archit Narayan, CEO of Pacific Gaming

Archit Narayan is the founder of a gaming platform called Pacific Gaming which is known for games like PokerSaint & GullyRummy. He is an Industrial Management Engineer with experience in organisation Management and Operations.

Agency Reporter – How is online gaming creating new career options for Millennials?

Archit Narayan – With the onset of the gaming industry in India, we are one of the few industries that are on the lookout for smart, young talent that can spearhead this industry and make a mark on a global landscape. 

The Gaming industry has opened up avenues for millennials from various backgrounds and skill-sets. Infact, we have seen avid gamers making a living by participating in various games or game related activities.

AR – What are the USP of PokerSaint and GullyRummy and how do they take precedence over other esports that may motivate newbies to play?

AN – Safety and engaging gameplay are the primary USP’s at PokerSaint & Gully Rummy. Apart from this, we ensure that our users’ winnings are credited to their accounts within 60 seconds, 365 days a year! We stand alone in the market in continuously delivering this attractive aspect of online real-money gaming.

Both Poker and Rummy are identified as games of skill and involve a surprisingly low element of luck. Skilled players seek out online forums to employ their expertise in these games. This is lucrative and recreational for every online gamer.

AR – Poker, Rummy etc had been in a grey area when it came to being classified as a sport, especially in the Indian scenario. Do you think the perspectives of Indian Society has changed towards online gaming in recent times?

AN – The perception toward Poker & Rummy has seen a positive change over the past few years. With more reputed and established operators making a mark in the Indian online real-money gaming space; we see users being more receptive to engage on our platforms. 

AR – Ensuring a secure transaction with online gaming platforms becomes essential especially if the real money is involved in the process. Please tell us about the technology backing your platform securing the transactions?

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AN – Payment security is top priority at Pokersaint & Gully Rummy. We have used several proprietary technologies that are unique to us as an organization to ensure the safety of users’ monies. All transactions pass through a minimum of 3 layers of checking on both deposits and withdrawals.

AR – How much percentage increase has Pacific Gaming has seen during the period of lockdown? What had been the age related demographics of the majority of the players who joined during this period?

AN – We recorded a 23% MOM increase during the lockdown. Surprisingly, we noticed that people above 32 years have become more active during this lockdown.

AR – Where do you think the company will be in a few years’ time? What makes you stand out amongst your competitors? 

AN – While most established operators are focused on one game type, Pacific Gaming, from inception, was clear about being India’s largest multi-platform gaming studio. With an amazing team at Pacific Gaming, by the end of this year, we plan to launch several freemium and real money games.  

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