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Big Goals, Bigger Impacts

Big Goals, Bigger Impacts

Pratap Bose, Founding Partner and Chairman, The Social Street, talks about their monumental win at Goafest 2018 as the Creative Agency of the Year. We are all praise for this fresh wave in the industry!

Agency Reporter: You are a fairly young agency but you stood above the larger players at Goafest 2018 and won the Abbys Creative Agency of the Year. What was the feeling in the team?

Pratap Bose: We had a great haul last year and the year before that. We did see some surprises in 2018, like winning in PR and print categories, especially bringing home the Still Craft Agency of the Year trophy. The team showcased some brilliant work.

To be judged as the Creative Agency of the Year by an eminent panel of 15 of the best creative minds in the country was nothing short of Wow! I remember how the team was ecstatic when our name was announced on stage and ever since, the spirits have remained high.

AR: What do you think were the key parameters that were responsible for your win?

PB: A combination of hard work throughout the year and smart planning for Goafest. We carefully mulled over the work we wanted to enter in each category, rather than blindly entering all our work in all categories. I think that played an important role.

AR: What were your learnings from last year’s success?

PB: Doing good and meaningful work will always be appreciated. But how you create a big impact, especially one that goes beyond numbers and figures, is what will eventually bring home the accolades.

AR: You are an inspiration to the budding agencies. Any message for them?

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PB: Don’t be afraid to set big goals, but ensure you do whatever it takes, and work your hardest to see it through till its end. And then repeat the cycle.

AR: Do you think Goafest is important for recognizing young talent? Why?

PB: Definitely. It provides a fantastic platform to highlight new thoughts and ideas and also works as a great incentive for people to compete and bring out their best.

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