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Why You Shouldn’t Miss Goafest 2019?

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Goafest 2019?

The best time of the year is here again..

Goafest, embarking its 14th edition this time, is Indian marketing and advertising industry’s apex event that celebrates creative milestones and camaraderie in the purest form. Scheduled from April 11-13 in the festival destination of India, Goa, the event is presented by the Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) and Advertising Club.

Over the years, the event has evolved as a platform to showcase good work, celebrate successful campaigns and facilitate idea exchange on category growth drivers and game changing global trends.

While the event is representative of our industry, plenty of the agencies remain absent, depriving themselves of the benefits that Goafest reaps. It is that one single place that brings together the best of Indian advertising from all across the country.

If this introduction doesn’t convince you, let me give you some more compelling reasons why one shouldn’t be missing out on such a lucrative opportunity.

Recognition & Celebration of Creativity

What forms the premise of Goafest is the opportunity to showcase and honor pioneering works. It is always a big high for people to be recognized in the industry’s largest award show in India. From an industry point of view also, it is a great way to discover hidden gems and newer talents.

Shashi Sinha, Chairman of the Awards Governing Council presents his opinion on the same. He says, “Winning an ABBY has become the gold standard in terms of agency recognition as Goafest is the ultimate culmination of the best wok that our advertising, media and marketing has to offer.”

Exposure & Networking

Goafest is one its kind in terms of the exposure and networking opportunities that it offers. It is a bespoke platform to learn, inspire and grow, especially for the younger lot. In my conversation with Ashish Bhasin, President of Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI), he says,“There’s a lot of interaction and learning that happens during the event. Now there are workshops too. Hence, a loss particularly for the youngsters.”

Rana Barua, Group CEO, Havas, India also holds similar views. He says, “Goafest is a melting pot. What people come and see, in terms of exposure, networking with people, international trends and future plans, it gives them an overview of the whole industry. You get a first-hand experience of the big shifts and changes in the market, which even the speakers talk about.”

Knowledge Sessions

Along with the fun and fervor that the event promises, there is a superb speaker line-up that is most looked forward to. These knowledge seminars are the heart of the festival. While these sessions were more advertising & marketing focused in the initial years, the past few editions have seen speakers from all walks of life.

Commenting on the same, Nakul Chopra, Chairman Goafest 2019 says, Two key factors drive us – Goafest strives to provide a window to the latest points of view in our industry from around the world and we strive to bring content from related industries that will not only provide learning for our young delegates but inspire them too.”

Rana too believes that the absentees miss out on the fabulous speakers, sharing their experience and learnings, making it a great platform for knowledge sharing. He adds, “I don’t know where else will you get three days of such a fabulous lineup, except for Cannes.”

Must for the Youngsters

Goafest witnesses more than 50% of the delegates that are under 30 years. This gives the organizers a perfect way to give back to the industry, inspire them and invest in future talents.

Nakul here adds, “From its inception to this day, Goafest provides deep discounts for the under 30 delegates. Our content, in fact, the grammar of the whole festival is curated and designed around what will inspire this young talent, what they will learn from and of course, a celebration of their work during the past year.”

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Shashi also believes that Goafest is unmissable for all, especially the younger lot. He says, “Goafest germinated from the idea of inspiring the younger lot and creating the next generation of leaders. Right from the registration fee, to the knowledge seminars, speakers, the design and packaging of the 3-day festival is done keeping the younger generation in mind. Our endeavor is to create the most fun and comprehensive advertising festival for the next generation of the industry.”

Inclusion of Digital and Technology

With the changing times, Goafest has also been successful in adapting to newer trends and has made alterations to the way it functions. I am talking about the digital wave that has hit our industry and as a natural consequence, Goafest is conforming to it too. The event now witnesses a more digital activeness, celebrates the emerging digital companies and the growth of the whole digital landscape.  

Ashish here adds, “Goafest is engaging people more digitally. So whether it is the app or social media platforms, the whole digital engagement has significantly improved.”

Free Booze

I saved the best one for the last!

If the above heavy points didn’t manage to persuade you to attend this year’s Goafest, I am sure this one will.

Goafest is a three-day cocktail of fun and frolic, meeting your friends and having a whale of a time. Let me repeat myself- there’s free food and drinks! :p

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