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Case study on Burger King’s COVID-19 communication strategy executed by FoxyMoron

Case study on Burger King’s COVID-19 communication strategy executed by FoxyMoron

Burger King the multinational chain of hamburger fast food restaurants wanted to create relatable content to promote food hygiene, food safety, and safety measures being take amongst employees across social media

Burger King’s goal was to promote food hygiene and safety in the times of COVID. Executed by FoxyMoron, the digital agency at Zoo Media, the goal behind the social media campaign was to cash in on the hygiene part and to convey that people can still enjoy their favorite meal staying safe at home. By drawing attention to build awareness and consideration about the safety measures and precautions Burger King is taking during COVID period amongst the audiences to promote safe Delivery of orders via Swiggy and Zomato in the beginning.

The big idea: FoxyMoron accomplished the big idea through the mobile footage sent to them via the employees of Burger King to generate content related to safety and food hygiene. The videos looked authentic and real, this helped increase.

Challenges faced by the agency: They wanted to produce a video from scratch with their video solutions co-agency, The Rabbit Hole team. Unfortunately, it stalled due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, they later managed to create videos using footage shot by BK employees on their phones.

Execution approach: The strategy had to be commutated from topical content to daily postings as the idea was to increase awareness around safety and BK’s gold standard. The agency successfully managed to work on shorter deadlines rolling out 2-3 creatives in a day since the beginning of the Lockdown.

The emphasis was on the narrative around COVID-19 by highlighting the Crown Standard measures Burger King in 17th March 2020  

On April 1st, 2020  they spoke about “Safe BK Journey” where videos were created using footages shared by the Burger King employees. The intention was to make the campaign look and feel authentic and to make people to know who exactly were the people behind their meal. Highlighting and acknowledging the heroes and their faces who continued to work through the pandemic. Specially curated Lockdown swiggy and zomato combos were promoted across social media to increase the consideration among the audiences.

Further, a narrative was built to promote #TrustInTaste via the posts that talked about food safety and food assurance. As it was noticed that people had started to order food via delivery partners. 

Even though the distance had to be kept, it didn’t stop the team from going the extra mile from creating a personal connect.  Through an ORM led activity, they managed to reach out to a Burger King fan and surprised him by gifting a meal and a box of bk goodies and received a lot of positive feedback for the same. 

  • Channels used: The content was promoted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 
  • The result & outcome : It started with posting COVID related posts from 12th March. All the posts managed to reach almost 8M people via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Out of which around 1 Million users were reached organically. Their content was garnering positive responses from the audience as a result of which they managed to gain over 500 followers on these platforms. The content was also highly appreciated by Burger King’s global team. Here is a brief comparison of the statistics before COVID & during COVID.
Stats Pre COVID Stats during COVID 
Post Reach: 4M  Post Reach: 8M
Organic Reach: 800KOrganic Reach: 1M
Organic Video Views per post: 800+ Organic Video Views per post: 1.5K+ 
Organic Followers: 300+ Organic Followers: 500+
  • Which are the agencies that collaborated for the campaign: The team collaborated with the video solutions team, The Rabbit Hole team, who edited the videos for from scratch. The execution was handled by the FoxyMoron team. 
  • How was this campaign different from what the competitors are doing in the segment: Their content was completely different from Mcdonalds and KFC who were creating content on quarantine contests to maintain brand recall among the audience.
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